e-book readersI have been debating whether to buy a e-book reader or not for a while now. I really love books. They look good. They smell good. They feel good.

How can you compare a screen of a computer to a book?

While doing some food shopping in Sainsbury’s the other week I noticed that there was a huge discount on the Nook (from £75 to £25). I bought it because if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t feel really bad for not using it.

I can now say that it has been the best £25 I’ve spend in a while now [I am completely addicted to it]. It is a really simple device to use

To begin with it was strange to turn the page over at a flick of the finger but eventually I got used to it.

You can highlight, make notes and bookmark pages while you are reading. But what I love most is being able to carry ten e-books that weigh less than one single book.

What has amazed me though is the amount of reading you do when you have an e-book reader. I usually tried to finish two books a week and now I easily go through three – you don’t realise how many pages you’ve read until you reach the end of the book.

But having said that I still buy the books that I really love, I still want to have a hard copy.

should i buy a e-book reader

e-book reader