Afternoon tea seems to be getting popular among young, old, rich and poor. During the 1940’s this was a luxury only the old and wealthy could afford, typically eaten between 4pm and 6pm. Everyone else had a cheaper version known as meat-tea from 5pm and 7pm.

But this is not the case today, even if having this experience comes at a high cost, people want to at least try it once.

I have had afternoon tea twice in two different hotels and both experiences were very similar. The first time my friends took me for my 21st birthday and the second time I went to celebrate my cousins 26th birthday at the Royal Garden Hotel.

The thing with afternoon tea is that it makes you feel ‘like the the queen’. It so classy that you may accidentally put on the typical posh english accent – ‘it is rather a delightful experience’.

The service at the Royal Garden Hotel is brilliant and it has a very elegant atmosphere. You have to book before you go because sometimes it can get quiet busy. Usually you are given about two hours to enjoy your snacks and if you go with the right people time will fly by so quick.

For the fashion lovers, the hotel is on Kensington High Street where you can also enjoy a shopping spree. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

Royal Garden Hotel
Having said that, I do think it is a bit pricey for what you get – we actually got a deal for £25 per person and received tea, cakes, sandwiches and champagne.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the sandwiches but I loved my tea and cakes. It’s not something I would do every day but I do think it is a nice experience to have. But if for whatever reason this is a experience you can’t have, you’re not missing out on a lot.

london afternoon tea

afternoon tea