beautiful photo of londonJust yesterday we were talking about how much we love London, we even tweeted about it [as you do nowadays].

The beautiful thing about London is that the most ordinary day can turn into the extraordinary in the blink of an eye [that was our tweet].

Today we decided to go on the hunt for the cockney cash machines [another thing we tweeted about]. You read it right, there are cash machines around London that speak the cockney language. This is a discovery we’ll tell you about  tomorrow.

During our little adventure we ended up in Battersea, nowhere near where we were meant to initially go. But a wise man once told us, you can’t control an adventure.

Anyone who has visited Battersea Park will agree with us when we say that it’s one of the most beautiful parks in London. If you haven’t visited yet, we suggest you do.

What we really loved about today was seeing the sunset as we were walking by – it was astonishing.

We used some of the phone photography skills we were taught by David Griffen, to take some beautiful pictures using just our iPhones.

We hope you like them.

beautiful picture of london