Bounce restaurant review

ping restaurant reviewFor us spending time with people you love is really important. Recently, I [Nila] took a good friend of mine, Cynthia, to a restaurant in London called Bounce. It’s ‘It’s the home of ping pong’. You basically go in, play a game of ping pong [if you like] and then have some yummy cocktails and/or eat some Italian food.

It’s a great place to try something unusual and catch up with friends. I love ping pong, I wouldn’t say I am a pro but I can kick a lot of ass if necessary [or at least try to].

You really don’t need to have amazing ping pong skills, it’s all about the fun – so they say. No seriously, it really is.

It is not the cheapest experience you can have in the city but if four people go together then it will not burn your pocket as much. It’s not something  I would suggest to do every weekend but at least try it once, especially if you love to challenge people.

ping restaurant on london

ping london restuarant reviewTo book a table for 30 minutes it’s £18 for four players [minimum two]. You can find the food and drink menu online. But on average a cocktail costs £9 and a main course costs about £12.

real guys play ping pongFor starters we were recommended to try Player’s Board 3 (£14.50), it was made up of Italian green olives, anchovy fillets with capers, smoked salmon strips with roasted horseradish and beetroot and peppino peppers stuffed with feta.

The idea was to share this dish with Cynthia but it turned out that she didn’t really like fish.I had the whole dish to myself [yes, I finished it all – that’s a good sign, right?]. I ended up not having main course because the starter really filled me up and I didn’t want to throw food away.

ping londonrestaurant review on ping londonping london restaurant reviewCynthia had the chicken breast stuffed with roasted peppers & feta, wrapped in in parma ham served on caponata (£13.50). I did taste some of it too, I thought it was delicious. But Cynthia likes to think she’s a chicken expert and thought it was a bit dry [but she also found it tasty].

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review of ping london restaurant Usually I am not a massive dessert person unless I see cheesecake on the menu. So this may not shock a lot but I had the Sicilian lemon and white chocolate cheesecake [£5.50]. I am just thinking about it now and it’s making me want to go back for more.

Cynthia had a warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream – she had nothing negative to say about it, which was a bit surprising [usually it’s really hard to impress her with food].

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