We’ve a question, where on earth did the last week disappear off to? As Christmas is approaching, time seems to be traveling at the speed of light [or at least trying to compete].

The bad news is Nila still drives as slow as a snail [had to throw that in]. Maybe that’s where time is going.

But the good news is we’ve discovered some more unusual stuff to do around London last week.

We’ve seen the UK’s beat boxing champion perform live, finally got tickets for Secret Theatre, discovered a gorgeous bar in Shoreditch, and went to the Freeze festival.

In this post we’re going to write about a world record we broke at the Freeze Festival during the weekend [by we, we mean 580 of us].

Three [the phone company] made it a mission to make Christmas Jumper history with the help of Guinness World Records™ by attempting to have the most Christmas jumpers in one place at one time.

We can reveal that this mission is complete and we were a part of it [yaaay]. There were around 580 people there and to top things up at the end of it all we got a free drink token.

freeze festival london 2013freeze festival 2013freeze festival london