Florence and the Machine’s highly anticipated second album is out now. ‘Ceremonials’ was released yesterday, October 31. It features 12 tracks, with the deluxe version having three more songs and five demo and acoustic versions of some songs.

The British indie band Florence and the Machine around lead singer Florence Welch got a huge buzz after their first internationally successful album ‘Lungs’, which was released in 2009.

In an interview with The Guardian, Welch categorised the album’s genre as “chamber soul”, a mixture of soul music and chamber pop. For their new album, the band stuck to their successful formula of drums, gospel choirs and subtle electro beats.

My favorite song is ‘No Light, No Light’, which is going to be the second single from the album, after ‘Shake it Out’ which was released on September 30.

‘Heartlines’ is upbeat, ‘Spectrum’ has a catchy tune and ‘ Leave my Body’ is slower but really gripping. The intro song ‘Only for a night’ gave me goosebumps. Florence Welch’s voice is simply amazing.

I would highly recommend this record, not just because it is one of my favourite bands. All in all, it is a wonderful piece of 12 stunning, beautiful songs full of emotions.