Vintage fashion has recently attracted more attention in the fashion industry over the past few years. However, this is a style that never seems to have an expiry date. As the saying goes everything old is new.

If you go as back as the 40’s till the present day you will find that the vintage style is still alive continuing to lead the way for future trends. For many vintage is an inspiration. One of the most influential designers of the 60s and 70s, Ossie Clark who is famously known for his vintage designs has inspired current designers such a Tom Ford and Yves Saint Laurent for the 2011 collections.

Charity shopping is a good way to find vintage clothes, from knitwear and leather, to jackets and jeans. The best part of it all is seeing the low numbers on the price tags. You can find one-off individual pieces; it is like every piece has its own unique story. To uncover hidden treasures you have to dig hard.

However, there is a danger of becoming a fashion victim, the low prices can get you carried away. Remember it is good material and the fine workmanship that this style requires. Less is more so try to keep it simple.

I have picked out some of my favorite vintage clothes that I bought in charity shops in the past few weeks.

This polyester dress is a unique piece of clothing found in Oxfam for just £7.50. The best part of it all is that it goes with almost everything from jeans, leggings or tights to boots, flat shoes or a nice pair of high heels. A pair of elegant earrings would be the icing on the cake.

This season it is all about sophisticated elegant styles. This  £10 jacket from Scope makes an unexpected and modern style statement. The belt allows you to show off your figure and makes the jacket look more stylish.  Best worn with tight jeans and a simple white top with black flat shoes.

The fashion that was once regarded as comic, the Christmas novelty jumper and the oversized knitted cardigan now appear to be stylish and hip.  This comfortable £5 cardigan from Oxfam with wide sleeves is best worn with a simple black top, tight jeans or leggings so the attention is on its patterns and style.


Not only does charity shopping bring something different to your style but it also creates excitement when you pick up something fabulous for a fraction of the price you would have paid if it were new.

I am sure a lot of people think charity shops are dirty and disorganised however as recession continues to affect the country, there has been an increase in the number of charity shoppers. A lot of charity shops have realised that there is a clear competition with the high street and in turn they have upped their retail game.

You will also find that some charity shops sell a range of quality and designer items, often you will see that they are well looked after and are not shabby looking. Sometimes I cannot help sifting through rack after rack of clothes until I find that ultimate bargain.