Who should call or text first

london dating rulesSo he has your number and you have his but you can’t figure out what the next step is? You don’t know whether you should text or call him or wait for him to be first one to do it [guys can be complicated- we know].

This part has been one of the most difficult decisions to make. We spoke to many different women and men for advice and not many came back with a similar answer – dating rules sometimes suck.

Some said it is always the guys duty to make the first call, many disagreed and few were a bit confused to why you would give your number out to a stranger [they were the single ones].

But we are pleased to let you know that we have come to a conclusion [woopie]. This is a conclusion we are basing on what the majority agreed to and what we found ourselves worked best.

dating tips for single peopleTip 1: Don’t get his number

If you know you don’t like to contact a guy first then just give him your number but don’t get his. This way he knows that he is the only one who can make contact, you don’t stress yourself out whether to contact him or not the next day.

Make sure your play your cards smart – come up with an excuse to why you cant get his number [your phone has no battery].

Sara: “If I like a guy, I make sure only he has my number because that way the next day I won’t be thinking about whether or not I should text him – if he contacts me – then great, if not – then oh well”.

If he doesn’t call/text within three days then he is not interested. Maybe he has lost your number but it’s very unlikely [don’t fool yourself].

dating rules londonTip 2: Be simple

You have his number and a day has passed and he hasn’t text you. You can’t wait any longer – you need to know what’s going on. The good news is you can text him [there is no bad news].

But make sure your text is casual, don’t go crazy with your ‘xxxxxx’ [best not to add any for now]. Your text should read something like this: ‘It was nice meeting you at Lizzy’s party. What have you been up to since? Sarah’.

If he takes forever to reply then it’s very likely he is not interested [we think on average a reply should take no longer than an hour – this us being generous]. But try your luck with another two texts and if the same pattern follows then stop doing the leg work.

Peter: “If I really like a girl – why on earth would I wait for her to text me first? I think I am speaking on behalf of the majority of men”.

dating rules ukTip 3: Make him wait

So he has contacted you first. You feel eager to reply back in a tick but don’t do it. You should wait at least 15 minutes [30 would be better] before you reply. You need to make him think that you are a busy girl [well realistically you should have].

Elsina: “Once I was too busy to reply for the whole day after our first few texts and I saw my phone in the evening, and I had fours different texts from this guy “.