If you want to add some colour, class and tradition in your wardrobe then make space for this new menswear label – Dent de Man. The brand will be causing waves to London’s fashion scene with its stamp of uniqueness.

The collection is inspired by African prints and made up of authentic vintage materials that are simply breathtaking.

We met up with the brand manager, Chris Chasseaud to talk about how Dent de Man came about and what the future holds for the new label.

dent de man clothes[Chris during London fashion week 2013]

When we first saw some of the designs during fashion week they shocked-and-wowed us instantly and everyone else around. They were undeniably eye-catching. We were amazed when Chris revealed that the brand is only six months old.

He explained the costume vintage materials used for the suits are superior to modern-prints that exist nowadays – this was what inspired the designer to start making laid back luxury suits with a hint of eccentricity.

But don’t let the word luxury fool you into thinking that these are mega expensive suits designed for the rich and wealthy. Chris informed us that they aim to make theses bright and uplifting pieces accessible to those who love the suits.

The brand’s name originates from a mountain in the Ivory Coast – La Dent de Man.

dent de man

dent de man fashion

These are suits for a guy  who is feeling up for a bigger challenge than wearing his everyday shirt and jeans – he is ready to tell the world that he’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Celebrities such as Olly Alexander (oscar winning actor) and Labrinth (at the Brit awards) have been seen in Dent de Man.

In the next three years Chris hopes that the brand will expand and they will be working in a larger studio with a bigger team.

 Apart from London, he also sees the label becoming popular in countries such as China and Brazil.

dent de man fashion