Unless you are looking for this place, you will never find it by coincidence. A wooden door in the middle of Chinatown leads you into one of the coolest bars in London. Or so they say.

We expected a lot more from this hyped place.

The bar has two floors which were both very crowded and there is limited seating so that it is very likely that you will end up standing and shouting in each other’s ears because the music is too loud. However, we liked the choice of music which is a mixture of current and jazz music.

review on experimental bar

We tried to reserve a table three times before going there, yet they never got back to us. Maybe it is just a matter of luck. But we would advise you to make a reservation as this is a popular spot in the city centre.

The menu offers sensational drinks, with ingredients like egg white and …. . Given that the drinks are so extraordinary it did not take long for the bartender to serve us.

We tried out ‘Kota Ternate’ and ‘Requiem for a drink’. Both achieved to be very experimental, however, it was not our taste of cocktails because we felt the ingredients did not go well together. I thought ‘Kota Ternate’ tasted a bit like medicine. But if you like strong drinks, this is the right address for you.

Also, prices are quite reasonable around £11 for such special cocktails.

The crowd was young people in their late twenties to early thirties and there were some very handsome men.


13A Gerrard Street
W1D 5PS London

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Opening Times:

Mon-Sat 18:00 – 3:00
Sunday:  17:00 – 23:00