how to choose the right bra sizeFor many women bra shopping can be a real pain. I find it difficult to choose the right shape, colour and material but the toughest part is finding a lingerie store that actually has my size. I have a really small back compared to my cup size.

Stupidly enough, I spend a lot of my teenagehood [it’s in the urban dictionary] wearing the wrong bra size. I was too embarrassed to get my chest measured or I just couldn’t find the right size, instead I bought the wrong one [I deserve a lot of judgement for doing this].

[Thanks to How To Look Good Naked] I discovered that I was part of the majority, a whopping 80 per cent of women actually wear the wrong size [well done us].

But as a woman, this is a huge mistake to make, apart from making yourself feel uncomfortable, it can also damage your health. Having the wrong bra can cause back pains, headaches and cervical spine problems [a conversation I had with my doctor but any health expert should tell you the same].

how to find the right bra sizewonderbra bras[The T-shirt Bra]

Think about it this way, wearing the right bra must be extremely important that even a university in Hong Kong even does a degree in Bra studies, teaching you how to design and build a bra [the Chinese do enjoy taking things one step further].

When Wonderbra got in contact and asked us to review their bras, we instantly thought that they will not even have our size [we couldn’t have been more wrong, they go up to G]. We have had all three bras for over three weeks now – I guess this gives us enough time to write a fair review (see reviews below).

Actually, we discovered that the most popular bra size in UK is 34DD, in 2010 it was 34B [plastic surgery can do wonders in three years]. So it’s no surprise that more and more brands are starting to think more about curvy women now.

wonderbra review

wonderbra reviewreview on wonderbra[Ultimate Strapless Lace Bra]


We have fallen in love with the Ultimate Strapless Lace Bra (£36). It is perfect to wear with strapless dresses and it doesn’t fall down like the other strapless bras [this is useful for the dancing nights]. It has silicone bands and wide bottom elastic for firm support.

But if you end up buying the wrong size then we imagine this is the kind of bra that would be very uncomfortable to wear.

The T-shirt Bra (£23), is exactly what the name says – a perfect T-shirt bra.  A moulded push up bra with soft and comfortable microfiber cups. The good thing is that you’re able to to get the Wonderbra shape and cleavage without all the padding.  It also looks great  teamed with a brightly coloured top.