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We asked the director of Let’s Go Lashes, Bridgette Softley, to give us some of the best tips when it comes to applying fake eyelashes.

We don’t know about you but we seem to struggle with two things when it comes to fake eyelashes; applying the eyelashes and looking after them.

1. Make sure you choose the right shape

No one woman has the same shaped eyes. Let’s Go Lashes have enough styles to suit every single eye, whether you’ve got oriental, caucasian, small or big eyes. When buying eye lashes it is all about buying the right shape that suit your eyes.

2. Latex-free eyelash glue

Latex-free eyelash glue can be used on any skin type and the eyelash would stay on for a longer period of time.  It is meant to be safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes. So when buying eyelashes make sure you know what glue you are using.

3. Have a clean and dry eye bed

Before you apply your eyelashes make sure you’ve cleaned and dried your eye bed. If you don’t clean them properly then the glue may not stick to the skin as well.

4. Don’t apply too much glue

Try not to apply too much adhesive to make the lashes stick because it can actually have a reverse effect. You may end up with a clogging. Sometimes less is more.

5. Clean the glue

Once you take your eye lashes off, make sure that you clean the glue off properly because then you can use them again and the lashes don’t get damaged.

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[With Bridgette Softley]

Bridgette believes that quality of lash that Let’s Go Lashes have researched for sets them apart from other brands. As long as you look after it correctly, you take it off and put it back into its casing then you can use Let’s Go Lashes up to four times. Even though the lashes may seem a bit pricey, the fact the quality of the lash allows you to use them more than once then it really isn’t as bad as it seems