Pessimism is the worst kind of negativity because it does not allow positive thoughts to enter your mind.

You always see the glass as half empty and never half full. The people around you that are happy become your enemies, they are hopeful and know how to drag their positive thoughts through to the light.

Being a pessimist can be inherited but in most cases it is activated by a series of disasters until you are victimised. Either way you have to sort it out, if you don’t no one else will for you. Misery turns other people away.

We have one simple step for you to follow in order to find happiness. For fourteen days, each day do something to please someone else. We truly believe that when you spread a little sunshine into other people’s lives you will be┬árewarded.

Once you see the true colours of the world then you will never want to return to the grey world which you have been living in.

How to become an optimist