Nowadays it seems to be a sin to relax while you are doing your work. You must put all the effort you have into what you are doing otherwise it is not a job well done.

By the end of the day you don’t understand why you feel shattered even though all you have been doing is sitting while working. So you manage to convince yourself that this is what hard work does to your body.

The truth is you become tired because you don’t know how to relax. Most of your tiredness is actually caused by your mental and emotional attitudes such as worrying, not feeling appreciated, boredom and anxiety.

In fact if you learn how to relax and not cause tension you should not feel tired until you need your sleep. Tension is just a bad habit, it is something you can get rid of and replace it with relaxation.

When you are working try to work as much as possible in a comfortable position because if you don’t you’re just causing pain for yourself.

Always check up on yourself and your thoughts. And when you think that something may be causing you tension let it go.
how can you relax