As a woman you would feel pressurised to have ravishing long hair – after all that’s what sets you apart from a bloke, right? But we think that’s rubbish, a woman can look stunning with very short hair, everything depends on the shape of your face.

If you have long hair or may have decided to grow your hair,we have some top tips on how to take care of long hair.

long hair

Do not wash your hair more than twice a week – We know what you are thinking – GROSS! But the more you wash your hair the more you damage them.

Let your hair relax – stop putting heat and products on your hair every single day. You are abusing your hair.

Don’t forget the conditioner – You may have heard this a thousand times before, but conditioner really helps.

Cut your split ends – Sometimes you just can’t be bothered to keep cutting your hair just so you can get rid of ┬ásplit ends. But do it, if you want your hair to look healthy and not like you’ve burned them in the sun.

Try not to dye you hair too much – we believe your natural colour is your best look. For some reason it is very rare to find someone who suits another colour to their natural colour. That’s not our point, hair dye does damage you hair – try to avoid it.

Pure olive oil – This is something our grandma taught us. Rub in you hair pure olive oil and live it for about 30 minutes before you wash it. It gives you hair more volume and a very nice shine.