Hurts is a British electropop duo that formed in 2009 with Theo Hutchcraft was the lead singer and Adam Anderson as synthesist. Their debut album ‘Happiness’ was released in 2010.

Hurts performing at Brixton Academy

Halfway through the show there was an intermission act of two woman dressed in black lace dancing elegantly and gracefully with red ribbons.

The band’s supporting acts were Niki & the Dove and Jess Mills and the surprise act during Hurts’s performance was Kylie Minogue. The audience was hyped when she came on stage to perform ‘Devotion’ along with the band.

Kylie and Hurts

‘Illuminated was the most powerful song because the audience went crazy and the vocals were incredibly gripping. The show had great acoustics, giving the audience the chance to hear every word crystal-clear to sing along.

Especially ‘Stay’, ‘Wonderful Life’ and ‘Sunday’ stood out as they gave us goosebumps.

Theo Hutchcraft seemed like a charismatic musician who means and feels the lyrics he sings. His facial expressions said it all. He occasionally threw white roses into the audience, much to the delight of the female fans.


Theo expressing his emotions

It was 75 minutes of great music and an amazing live performance and throughout the show we could feel that the band is genuinely emotional about their songs.

‘Better than Love’ and fireworks closed the show with a bang. It truly was the best live performance we have seen so far.

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