Jack Savoretti, an Italian English folk musician, gave a concert at the Pizza Express Jazz Club on Tuesday evening, 6 December.

This venue in the midst of Soho is an insiders’ tip, because it has an extremely intimate setting and hosts some of the most wonderful musicians from the jazz and blues scene.

His entrancing vocal and poetic lyrics made this gig so special. Jack Savoretti played songs from both his albums ‘Between the Minds’ and ‘Harder than Easy’, as well as new songs from his yet unreleased third album.

Concert London

Jack Savoretti at the Jazz Club

The audience sat around tables, having the chance to enjoy wonderful music while having dinner and drinks.

After the intermission, he came back on stage with his band consisting of a base, a drums, and an E-guitar player. Jack called his band ‘The Dirty Romantics’.

Concert London

Jack Savoretti played the guitar and the piano

While the first half of the concert was full of emotional, intense songs, the second half was very upbeat and engaging songs, also thanks to the band.

Music in london

Jack Savoretti and his band

We could not keep our eyes off him, he is talented and charming. There was something so humble about him during his performances – it appeared like he was there just to sing his heart out to the audience showing a great deal of emotion with every note he sung.

Whistling and humming, he made the audience fall for him and with a cheeky smile he would make jokes about his own performances. At one point he joked that he wants people to get drunk by the end of the evening so they think they had an awesome night.

He is a musician you have got to watch out for and if you have the chance you should go and see him perform live, because he is definitely worth it.


Jack Savoretti

Jack Savoretti performing live