Looking good is not an easy job but how on earth do all these celebrities manage to achieve a perfect look? Because we believe that every woman deserves to look like a Hollywood star we have searched for some of the best celebrity beauty secrets to share with you.

London beauty tips


– Emma Stone suggests that the best thing for a woman to do every day is ‘moisturise, sleep and work on the eyebrows’.

– Miranda Kerr uses household utensils as beauty products. You can use a spoon to curl your eyelashes if you don’t have a curler

 Rihanna thinks that swimming or doing anything in the ocean is very good for your body.

– Cameron Diaz explains how you can keep fit by doing a lot of excersise, eating healthy, laughing a lot, drinking plenty of water and having lots of sex.

– Taylor Swift has learned tricks from make up artists. You put on red lipstick, then bolt it with tissue and then put powder over the tissue and lightly press onto your lips.

– Sara Jessica Parker believes that yoga can help you feel fit and healthy

Eva Longoria loves her collagen L’Oreal mascara and wears fake eyelashes.