London fashion weekYesterday London Fashion Week kicked off. If you really want to see some of the best street style in the city then we suggest you go and pay Somerset House a little visit.  You will find it all there, the good, the bad and the hard to understand [it’s crazy, everyone seems take their style 10 steps further].

This year we’ve teamed up with Toni&Guy [one of the sponsors for LFW] and followed everything they do backstage. For the first time ever, we’ve understood how much credit the hair-stylist and make-artists really deserve [A LOT].

Until recently [24 hours ago], every fashion show we saw was just about the designer and their collection. We admired, judged or scrutinised every catwalk we’ve been invited to but not once did we realise that behind closed doors there’s a massive team of people who make things happen.

london fashion week 2013

london fashion week sep 20132013 london fashion weekEvery day until fashion week is over a team of hairstylists cover over four shows, for each collection there are at  least 10 models [sometimes even more]. A lot of the time they seem to have to deal with long thick hair [we know how difficult that can get].

The day starts early [about 7am] and finishes late [about 8pm]. But things get real tough about 30 minutes before the catwalk starts. The model that came late still needs her hair done, then they still need to quickly check whether or not everything is in place [no hair clips left in, foil is taken out and hair has been sprayed].

We’ve seen it all, sweat, disagreements and mistakes but not once did they fail at their job.

lfw 2013london fashion week september 2013september london fashion week