We use London underground trains almost every day – we’ve somewhat become underground travel experts over the years. It’s no secret that during rush hour you’ll experience some undesirable things: overcrowding, some funky smells and if you’re not careful your phone may go missing.

But we’ve learned a few well kept secrets about the London underground that may make your journeys around the city easier and we will share some useful tips.

london underground tips

1. Sometimes walking from one station to another can be much quicker

Believe it or not there are certain destinations you could walk faster to rather than taking the train during rush hour. A good example of this is the journey from Lancaster gate to Paddington or Leicester Square to Covent Garden.

2. A shortcut at King’s Cross station:

If you want to use the overground trains at King’s Cross station from the Victoria underground lines, go towards Euston Road exit – it will take you there much quicker than the train signs.

3. Between Holborn and Tottenham Court Road there is an abandoned station:

If you’re ever traveling between Tottenham Court Road and Holborn on the Central Line you may see a old station which used to be the British Museum platform. It hasn’t been used since 1932.

4. During the weekends there is always engineering work going on:

Always check whether or not the lines you need to use to reach your destination are actually working. There is always engineering work going on almost every weekend. Just visit Transport for London as they have service updates on the homepage.

5. Let the passengers off before you get on

This can get extremely annoying. When you’re trying to get off a train and someone else is pushing you back in because they couldn’t wait till you stepped out. When the train doors open let the passengers come off first, then you can get on.