mestizo restaurantJust a few minutes away from Euston Square there is a small restaurant called Mestizo. I [Nila] would recommend to anyone who enjoys or wants to try some authentic and delicious mexican.

Until the 14th of September the restaurant is celebrating the ninth annual Gastronomic Festival, where diners can experience the best culinary gems from 10 of Mexico’s states. The celebrations ends with a big Independence Day Party on 15 September, followed by the Curate la Cruda [cure the hangover] on 16 September.

The restaurant offers a massive choice of dishes and is vegetarian friendly as well. They also have a gluten free menu, this is something I would’ve not really taken much notice of, if I hadn’t met a good friend of mine four years ago who suffers from coeliacs.

If you’re a fan of Margarita’s then Mestizo’s may just be the right place for you, apparently they’re known for their Tequila’s and Margarita’s. I wouldn’t say they do the very best cocktails in London [still on the hunt for that] but I really enjoyed the Margarita I had.

The service was spot on. They didn’t over do it [something I can’t stand] but then were always there when we needed a recommendation or help with anything.

mestizo bar & restaurantmestizo euston squaremestizo restaurant londonFor starters we were recommended to taste the Panucho [layered tortillas filled with beans and pork] and Empandas de Cazon [corn pastries filled with white fish, tomato, epazote, chopped olives and capers]. I thought both dishes were tasty but I preferred the Panucho.

The mistake I made was picking the wrong dish for my main. I really wanted to taste something Mexican. I am not a massive fan of chocolate [especially dark chocolate] but I thought maybe for that one night only my taste buds would appreciate Mexico’s most famous sauce – mole.

I had the Pollo Con Mole [boneless chicken breast cooked in a sauce with over 24 ingredients including chocolate, and served with rice and beans]. I wasn’t a huge fan of that  particular dish but all the other dishes around me looked delicious.

restaurant mestizo london

mestizo london

mestizo restaurant in londonEvery thursday downstairs at Mestizo it’s Jueves Mexicano [Mexican Thursday], where you can party and enjoy some of the best tequila’s. I haven’t been yet but apparently it gets busy every week and it’s a lot of fun [I’ll update you on this once I go].

mestizo tequila bar mestizo clubmestizo in london