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Often you hear the saying that an image is woth a thousand words and at times it does not make sense. Once you explore the photo’s from photographers such as, Boris Mikhailov, Guy Tillim, Akram Zaatari, Mitch Epstein and Taryn Simon at Tate Modern that are currently on display, then such a saying has a deeper meaning.

The work of Boris Mikhailov

It is amazing how these photographers have managed to show so much through one single snap, the suffering of people because of politics, the influence of powerful countries such as American power and much more.

Mitch Epstein photographs representing 'American power'.

Luc Delahaye work focuses on a more recent event, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the never ending situation in Palestine. What made his work stand out was the fact that he carried around a large format, single plate view camera, which allows only one extremely detailed photograph to be taken.

Luc Delahaye photographs at Tate Modern