Our promise to you is to write about some of the most talented people and unusual events around London. We think this is a promise we can deliver with a mouth full of beats today [blame our delivery of poor jokes on the Christmas spirit].

Meet Reeps One [if you haven’t heard of him yet]. He’s one freaking talented man. He’s the UK’s beatboxing champion [twice], he won the championships two years in a row.

We saw him live at the Jazz Cafe last week and we still talk about how great he was today.

If you really feel like doing something unusual around London, then we suggest you check out his UK tour date announcements and try to get yourself to one of his shows.

Until this day, we knew next to nothing about beatboxing but after being at one of his shows it left us questioning our careers [maybe we should’ve gone into beatboxing – maybe not].

We’ve uploaded two videos we did for our Instagram, just to show what he is capable of.