madam rage dressThe number one rule for women when it comes to fashion is ‘never wear the same dress twice’. We believe this a whole load of rubbish [you heard it right]. All you need to do is restyle it.

This notion of ‘conspicuous consumption’ should not prevent us from wearing something we love more than once [a topic we will discuss further in another post].

When Madam Rage set us the challenge to pick a dress and style if for two different occasions (festival and wedding) we took it up for two main reason; we just couldn’t say no to a challenge and to show how one simple belt can make a difference to an outfit.

You don’t need to be a fashion stylist to restyle a dress.

dress from madam rage

The festival look

For the festival look we decided to wear the dress with a pair of flats [or flip flops] because there is always a lot of jumping around. We didn’t want to add accessories because they can get annoying when you’re trying to have fun.

clothes from madam rage
madam rage dressesThe wedding look

We spend a long time discussing the different ways you could restyle this dress. But we decided to show you the easiest, fastest and simplest one. As mentioned before you really don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make an outfit look different.

We just added a belt to the dress because it really shows off Nela’s waist and it adds a hint of classiness to the look – just what you need for a wedding.


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