Avoid following hordes of camera-clickers around the same old sights and discover the capital’s best-kept secrets.

The emergence of secret events such as Secret Cinema, secret pop-up food experiences like Gingerline in secret and changing locations along the east London Line, and secret bars, like the Candlelight Club and the Experimental Cocktail Club is a phenomenon that has swept across the whole city.

Going Out London
The Candlelight Club in a clandestine location

Experiencing events like these makes people feel like a part of an exclusive community that only they know of. For some events the catch is that you do not know what to expect until you arrive – but then that’s half the fun.

The Candlelight Club is a clandestine pop-up cocktail bar in a secret London venue.

You have to buy a ticket for it in advance, as it sells out quickly, without knowing what it is exactly and what to expect. The only thing you can choose is the date. Two days before the Candlelight Club, you get told the location. Once you arrive, it feels like stepping back in time, entering a 1920s jazz bar with speakeasy flavor, completely lit by candles.

Going Out in London
Roses and Bullets