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doing the job you love

If what you’re doing is what makes you happy then you’ve found real success. Sometimes we get lost and greedy and trade our happiness for money.

If you were to look in a mirror right now and ask yourself, ‘if today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ – what would your  answer be? [If your answer is no then you need to make some changes].

Last week we met up with a guy, Dan Hooper, who quit his job as a retail manager to start a new career producing a card game he invented during his childhood.

Just over ten years ago when all the young adults were hooked to Pokemon trading cards, Dan and his cousin, Alex, were busy creating their own game called Sopio.

He did reveal that this invention wouldn’t have happened if his dad hadn’t refused to buy him Pokemon cards because he thought they were ‘useless’.

sopio cards

do the job you lovehow to play sopioDan and his cousin used to joke around  that one day they may even have ‘Sopio tournaments’ while playing the game they had invented. What they didn’t know at the time was that in years to come their joke would turn into reality.

It took them three years to design and produce the first set of cards before releasing the game in 2011 [Dan draws the stickmen and uses his own handwriting]. Today, they’ve produced five different sets, have thousands of fans and hold Sopio tournaments twice a year.

Sopio card games

sopio card game

playing sopio cardsWe’ve only recently started playing Sopio and it has honestly become one of our favourite card games. The game does require a lot of thinking [if you don’t want to lose]. But the rules are simple and are explained on the cards.

We don’t really know what other card game Sopio can be compared to – there is no immediate comparison.

sopio game card


sopio game