the ladykillers review 2013Our rating out of 10:

Comedy: 8     Script: 8     Staging: 9     Venue: 8     Favourite moment:  When the gang hide in the cupboard from the police

The Ladykillers review 2013

This week we attended the launch of the award winning comedy, The Ladykillers ( Awards Best New Comedy).  The story is about five criminals who pretend to be musicians and exploit an sweet old lady (Mrs Tromleyton) so they can rob a bank. It is based in Kings Cross, London.

We instantly fell in love with Mrs Tromleyton, one of our favourite characters throughout the play. But all the characters worked really well together even though each one of them had a completely different personality.

You had the mastermind of the crime, Professor Marcus, the foreign criminal who hated old ladies, Louis, the guy who was always high on drugs, Harry, the big adorable stupid man, One round and the one who loved ladies clothes, Major Courtney.

We were so excited when we found out that Graham Linehan had written the play because he also wrote one of our favourite  Irish sitcom we used to love and watch on Channel 4, Father Ted.

the ladykillers review 2013We have to give the staging credit, a lot of imagination was used to create some incredible and unexpected scenes. We loved the way the set was designed and the way it revolved on stage.

We did think it was a bit slow to start with, it wasn’t until a good 30 minutes into the show that the real comedy started.

It was our first time visiting the Vaudeville Theatre. It was smaller than what we expected due to the popularity of the show but it is very cozy and comfortable.

Ticket price: £20 – £60

Venue: Strand, London, WC2R 0NH

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