There is one thing that is guaranteed in life – every day you’re getting older. Before you know it you’ll be talking about the days when you were young. We want you to share happy memories with the people around you and have plenty to talk about, we have 25 things you should do before you get old.

things to do before you get old

– Run up the escalator the wrong way

– Learn to play an instrument

– Learn to whistle

– Sing in front of an audience

– Win something

– Sleep all day

– Learn to do a card trick

– Learn how to ask someone out (and how to dump them)

– Start your own blog

– Take care of an animal

– April fool someone

– Invent a new game

– Skydive

– Send a message in a bottle

– Learn how to use long words

– Dye your hair

– Learn to skim stones

– Learn a new language