rucksacks anna smithRecently we’ve been travelling quite a bit. We drove from London to Albania, went through ten different countries before we reached our destination. We’ve basically been living out of our suitcases.

One thing we find important while travelling is having a comfortable bag that’s big enough to fit in all the important things [laptop, DSLR camera, e-book reader, phones etc]. We take them with us everywhere [we may even be a bit too paranoid – we can’t lose sight of them].

When a London based brand, Anna Smith, send us their bags to review for MDL, we didn’t think we would use them while travelling. But they turned out to be everything we were looking for, comfortable, spacious and stylish.

anna smith rucksacks

anna smith london rucksack

rucksack anna smith

rucksacksThe rucksacks come in many different styles and colours, whether you like plain, bright or dark colours – whatever your cup of tea is.

The best thing of all is that they don’t look massive for the amount of stuff you can fit in. The bag feels light on your back and comes at a very affordable price [£24].

We’ve had these stunning bags for almost two weeks now, we’ve climbed mountains, visited the beach and hang them on trees [it’s a long story] and they still look brand new. We think it’s safe to say that they’re well worth the price you pay for them.`

rucksacks ana smith

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