how to make money from bloggingLast night we headed off to Kings College to listen to some of London’s top fashion bloggers, such as Susanna Lau from Style Bubble and Rhiannon Ashlee from Fashion Rocks My Socks, share some useful tips about fashion blogging.

Other fashion, social network and blogging experts included in the pannel were: Roxanne Nejad from online fashion giants Boohoo , Krista Madden – Managing Director at Handpicked Media and Sally Burlison – Social Media Manager for OhMyLove.

The event was organised by the Company Blogging Forum and the editor of the magazine Victoria White, was the host.

Be unique, find your niche

The importance of being different and doing what you truly love was highlighted by each speaker throughout the the event. Susie Bubble argued that the fashion blog-sphere is too crowded if you’re going to do what everyone else does . There are so many different angles you can concentrate on in fashion that don’t already exist.

Choose quality over quantity

The quality of the content on your blog is more important than the number of posts. You want your readers to come back to your blog. If they don’t like what they read or see then you’ve lost a fan.

Don’t over-blog – know your limit

Kirsta Madden said that you should blog three to four times a week. You shouldn’t over do it because you want your viewers to see your posts. If you’re writing six posts a day then it is very likely that your first and second post will be ignored.

Be careful with your social networks

Roxanne and Sally Burlison argued that you should not overwhelm your  followers on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with a lot of updates because it can get annoying. Another interesting point was that you shouldn’t link two social networks to each other, a lot of bloggers seem to link their Instagram to Twitter  – try to avoid this.

Punctuation, grammar and design matter

Victoria said that there is nothing more annoying then clicking on a blog and seeing that they have lot of grammar mistakes. Also nowadays the design of your blog plays a huge role to its success.