Digital marketing, are you ready?

So I’ve been away for a while and it’s been over a month since you last heard from me. My excuse?I have been busy learning about digital marketing (fun, fun, fun).

I’ve not had time to explore the city as much as I usually do but my unusual adventures will start again next week (I hope London is ready).

But for now let’s talk digital.

I’ve always believed that it’s important to harness the¬†burgeoning power of digital marketing.¬†It took TV 22 years to reach 50 million households, it took the Internet five years to achieve the same level of penetration.

People are no longer just watching TV, they’re also having conversations about it online (Twitter, Facebook) or may even be deeply synchronised with the programme being streamed (if you’ve ever played along with the million pound drop on Channel 4 – you’re one of them). A integrated cross channel campaign can ramp up engagement.

What’s the most important thing I’ve learned about digital marketing the past month? Technology is only interesting when it connects people with other people. Everything we do, we do it because we want to connect with others.