Everyone around you seems to be making plans for Valentine’s day. Some are going out for dinner while others are waiting to be surprised and you on the other hand have no one to spend it with.

This is a day for love and perfect day for businesses to make good money. Every corner you turn you are bombarded with roses, hearts and cards. It is a singles awareness day.

But just because you are single it does not mean you are alone. Here are some ideas about what you can do this Valentine’s:

Spend it on yourself

Since you won’t be spending your money on someone else then spend it on yourself – treat yourself to something special.

Single friends get together

Round up your single friends and go out to a bar, restaurant, theatre – whatever you enjoy doing.

Have a party

This is a great opportunity to get all the single people to mingle. Throw a ‘singles get together’ party and don’t forget to invite your crash. Dress up and look amazing.

Remind yourself this is not the only day for love

There are plenty of Valentine’s days in a lifetime and one day you will meet the right person to spend them with. Don’t let the markets control your emotions.

what to do on valentines day