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Life is all about success, money and power, you’d do anything to have all of the above. Nothing else matters, who needs family, friends and  love?

Mother told you, you’d be her lawyer or businessman since you were young. If you don’t want to, you have to hold your tongue.

Your parents have been saving for your uni fees before you came to earth. What gives you the right to change their plans once she’s given birth?

You need a profession that will bring money and power. By the time you’ve reached 30 you’ve climbed the top of the tower.

If you don’t have a Porsche and a mistress too, you’ve failed in life. It has become a sin to be the honest man who loves his kids and wife.

But your mother forgot to mention one little thing. That politics and the rules of society have led you by the string.

All the things you were told before you got older, have destroyed you as a person and made you even colder.

No one told you happiness cannot be bought like a toy, you’ve simply been taught how to pick money over joy.

© Nila Reka 2013

poem about children

We’re fed up of the way young kids are brought up nowadays to believe that life is about one thing and one thing only – success. Look out your window right now, do you see anyone running around playing hide and seek? Instead they’re inside reading a book. playing on their playstation or watching TV. What on earth has happened to our society? Kids are wasting their childhood in their living rooms, once they get older they’ll spend their lives in the office.

Don’t get us wrong we’re not anti education, we truly believe that reading and learning helps you grow as a person. But stop putting so much pressure on a child’s shoulder just because you’re terrified of life. We have all been knocked down by life at one point or another, it may also happen to your kid in the future.  But you as a parent are not be blamed because things don’t always work out.