online dating londonAs each year goes by more and more people are signing up to online dating agencies. In the UK alone the online dating market is estimated to be worth £140 million by 2014.

Over seven million people in the UK have joined the leading online dating service, This leaves us with one question, what on earth is happening to traditional love? The days when couples used to meet at bars or festivals will eventually become fairytale stories we will tell our grandchildren.

It seems that even when two people meet and feel some kind of attraction, they ignore each other. This is what usually happens:

[This is a scene at a bar in London]

Single girls says to friend: ‘I am not going to make the first move, he is the guy , he needs to approach me’

Single guy is thinking: ‘She could at least give me a sign that she wants to talk to me. What will my friends think if I go over there and she shows no interest?’

And that’s the end of the story. They will never know what may have potentially developed if they only had the courage to speak to each other.

london online loveThe way things are going, it wouldn’t be too surprising if in years to come bars start running out of business because people are busy finding online love. Soon we may even get introduced to

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t think online dating is a curse. We’ve heard plenty of success stories. We just think that we are starting to live our lives in a virtual world. In 2008 a London based couple got divorced because the husband cheated on his wife on an online virtual reality game called Second Life.