wish uk

We were invited to go to the launch of Zombie Blitz 1940 hosted by Wish.co.uk. It all took place in some dark, hidden tunnels beneath Waterloo.

Everything was kept low key, no one told us what to expect and on our arrival we were greeted with smiles, tea and cakes.  We overheard people talk about zombies and war. When we discovered that we were going underneath tunnels where live actors that look like zombies were going to frighten and chase us – it  would be a understatement to say that we were scared.

We’ve had previous experiences of live scary actors chasing us around, ThorpePark Fright Nights, and we can’t recollect one time when we didn’t sprint away screaming. So, we were expecting the worst.

zombie blitz 1940

Once you enter the tunnel, there is no way back – you must find your way out. You’re told a dark secret about war-time, a horror story that will make your heart skip a beat. We loved trying to find our way out – there will be a lot of crawling, running and screaming.

We only had a 45 minute teaser – it is meant to last over an hour. So, we did think that the beginning dragged on a bit before all the fun began and when the it did begin it ended too quickly.

If you go with the right people and just become a part of the story and don’t question everything that you’re asked to do then it can be a right laugh. We wouldn’t say that you will loose sleep over what you see but then we did scream a lot.

waterloo zombie blitz