One of our favourite all you can eat sushi restaurants is Super Sushi in Chingford. We always stuff our faces and don’t feel guilty because the food is delicious. Don’t get us wrong, even though it’s an all you can eat restaurant it’s not a buffet where you get up and choose the food you want. You are given a menu and they will bring the food to you based on what you’ve ordered.

You also have the option to choose food from the menu if you feel that all you can eat may bit a little bit too much to handle. You are charged based on what you order and do not have to pay the ‘all you can eat’ fee of £18.

garlic rice and seaweed salad super sushi

We love the garlic rice, we have to admit though, we always ask for a fork when it comes to eating the rice with chop sticks, something we’re working on.

super sushi chicken dumplings in chingford

We can never get enough of the chicken dumplings, they’re crispy on the outside and very tasty. We often joke that one day we will have a ‘dumpling competition’ but never really do it.

super sushi stir fried udon

sushi super sushi chingrod