If you are looking for some magical Christmas experience then we would recommend you visit Santa’s Grotto at Northfield Nursery in Chingford.

We have been wanting to see it for many years but we always said we would do another day. We usually go and buy our Christmas tree from this nursery.

As it is Noah’s first Christmas and we were looking for a Christmas tree with his cousins, we thought we may as well see what is hiding behind the walls each Christmas time (we were truly amazed at how magical it looked).

The trail is not too long but if you just stop and enjoy it and take in all the hard work that was put into creating this beautiful experience then it’s perfect.

There is a timetable which you should check out before you visit it. You can also see days and times to visit Santa.


Cost for Grotto alone: £1.50 per person (kids under 1 go free)

Santa visits: £12 per kid