• sushi super sushi chingrod

    Super Sushi – Chingford

    One of our favourite all you can eat sushi restaurants is Super Sushi in Chingford. We always stuff our faces and don’t feel guilty because the food is delicious.

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  • sky bar 9 london

    Sky Bar 9

    Not so long ago, I went to Wembley with a friend to visit Sky bar 9. We had a glass of wine and some champagne…

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  • second chance cinema bethnal green

    Second chance cinema

    Second Chance Cinema offers you the chance to watch all the recent releases you may have missed in a luxurious atmosphere.

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Owls Play Centre, Ilford

Not too long, a few friends invited my son and me to visit Owls Play Centre in Ilford. It was a beautiful day, the beginning of autumn but the summer sun was still bright. I ended up parking on the other side of the play centre and somehow managed to get lost. I started the usual thought process ‘oh this only happens to me’, ‘why now, why today’. In the end, I decided to make the most of it and just enjoy walking around the park. It was stunning, we

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